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 Build Your Network, Build Your Future: Become an Avon Sales Leader

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Are you interested in becoming an Avon sales representative and looking to boost your earnings? Join the Avon Sales Leadership Plan and become an Avon Sales Leader!

By becoming an Avon Sales leader, you'll have the opportunity to grow your team and be rewarded for your hard work. We will provide full support, and Avon will offer increased commission earnings and rewards to help you achieve your goals. 

Additionally, as an Avon Sales Leader, you'll gain access to exclusive tools and resources to assist you.

Avon offers a fantastic opportunity to join and grow with an established and successful global brand. There is no cost, agreement or obligation to join Avon Leadership to start building your own team of reps.

The Avon Sales Leadership opportunity is a comprehensive plan. Avon provides you with the tools and resources to develop your business and support your team's needs. With Avon Leadership, you can achieve success and create a team that will last.

Avon offers awesome Rewards & Recognition for your achievements as an Avon Rep and Sales Leader

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The Holidays

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The Incentives

The Earnings

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The Recognition

You are able to sign anyone who is interested in joining your Avon team within the UK. 

Grow your team. This gives you a minimum of three ways to earn with Avon;

1. Your personal sales.

2. Your total team sales. (Includes your personal sales).

3. Leadership Bonuses and Incentives

Myth Buster - (There are no deductions made from your network of rep's earnings to pay your commission. The commission earned is paid by Avon themselves). 

Avon Sales Leader Team Meeting

Hi! I am Claire, and I have been a Rep and Sales Leader with Avon for 12 years. I joined Avon to make some extra money to support the costs of having a new baby.  Over the years, I have used the commission I earn from Avon as spending money for family holidays, fun days out, and just treating ourselves in general. Having that flexibility and extra cash in our pockets has been great. Not only have I been a successful Rep, but I also became a Sales Leader. I managed to build up a team of 30 reps to date. Sales Leadership has been an enjoyable part of my Avon business for about 10 years now, I won an incentive with Avon. I was rewarded with a credit card with £1000 on it. This came in handy because I had another baby on the way. The money was used to buy plane tickets for all of us to go on a lovely trip to Portugal. I have even received recognition at the annual Avon conference for my outstanding sales. It was incredible to go up on stage and accept the award. It is great watching my team grow their businesses and earn extra money for driving lessons, holidays, and even a wedding. My commission is still super important to me because it helps pay for my kids to do extra activities in the evenings and on weekends.  Jackie, my upline, has been an amazing support and has been there for me and my team.

Avon Sales Leader Claire sims

Claire with her children

"A big congratulations to Jo K. who has signed up her 1st Rep using the Avon Grow App
She has now taken the 1st steps in Sales Leadership and I wish her all the very best in her new venture". 
Jackie x

Jo K    Thank you Jackie for all your support x

"A big congratulations to Deborah R who just signed up her 1st Team Member using the Avon Grow App. 👏👏👏👏She has now taken the 1st steps in Sales Leadership and I wish her all the very best in her new venture".

Jackie x

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