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Avon's cosmetics are affordable, high-quality, and diverse.

Check out the official Avon online store, where you can explore an incredible range of cosmetics and toiletries. Avon offers award-winning products that cater to everyone in the family, at prices that won't break the bank. 

Are you interested in a new opportunity to earn some extra income? Why not consider becoming an Avon representative? With Avon, you can be your own boss, make money, and help your friends and family save on their favourite Avon products.  – give Avon a try today! Jackie & Adrian are ready to provide you with the support you need every step of the way. 

Summer Shop

Save Over 20%


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Pink Or Hydramatic Matte & Shine Set



Avon hydromatic lipstick

Nothing shouts bold and fearless louder than our Hydramatic Pink Matte & Shine Duo Gift Set.


Far Away Beyond Parfum

Forget designer perfumes. Far Away Beyond Parfum is double distilled and is the world’s 1st parfum to use upcycled vanilla for intoxicating and head-turning potency. This oriental and gourmand scent has a greater fragrance oil concentration than any other Far Away fragrance, making it our first-ever, high-intensity, longer-lasting parfum. There’s more! It’s paired with precious pear, opulent woods and intense jasmine florals, leaving you feeling as glamorous as this scent. 50ml Scent type: An oriental and gourmand scent with upcycled Madagascan vanilla. Key notes: Top notes: Pear. Middle notes: Jasmine. Bottom notes: Upcycled Madagascan Vanilla. Why you’ll love it: • It’s our first-ever parfum from your No.1 fragrance brand, Far Away and has a greater scent intensity. • It’ll make the perfect addition to your fragrance wardrobe as well as a lovely gift. • It’s a high-end scent without the high-end price tag. How to use it: Spray it strategically Spritz this women’s perfume onto your pulse points like your neck and wrists to help your scent develop faster. Don’t rub it in Spray it and leave it. Rubbing it in will break down the olfactory notes prematurely. Freshen up on the go Pop the matching Far Away Beyond for Her Purse Spray into your bag for a quick refresh at midday.


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