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It's The Right Time To Become An Avon Representative In The UK: Avon Is Rethinking, And Transforming

Updated: Jul 7

Post updated May 2023

Avon is more than just a beauty business in the UK - it’s a movement for women and men to be bold and beautiful. For over 136 years their mission has been to empower women, and an increasing number of men, to transform their lives and to strive for success. They offer a variety of products and services, ranging from skincare to makeup to the ability to start a home-based business and become an Avon representative here in the UK

Avon says "Their products are designed to make you look and feel your best, while our business opportunities give you the chance to be your own boss and make an income." No matter which path you choose, Avon is here to help you achieve your goals.

When you think of an Avon representative in the UK, you most likely picture images of a person with a handful of handbag-sized Avon brochures that contain an array of products, including "scratch & sniff" pictures, Senses bubble bath, Anew skincare, and the multi-use Skin So Soft dry oil spray. and the Avon rep armed with a bag full of miniature lipstick and skincare samples who would regularly ‘ding-dong’ your doorbell.

Avon logo
Avon Conference

Avon has been a leader in the beauty and personal care industry since 1886. Over the years, the brand has developed an impressive range of products that provide people with the best in quality and innovation. However, AvonAvon Avon Avon has been struggling to keep pace with changing consumer tastes and habits and has faced increased competition from new brands backed by online influencers. over the past 12 months, the brand has been looking to enhance its place in the market, heavily investing in digital tools for its reps.

The new features allow its five million reps globally to run a business from their phones, create and share marketing content and personalise recommendations for regular customers. With new products and services being developed all the time, Avon is transforming from a traditional company to a modern and innovative one.

Part of this digital growth is Avon Virtual Make-up Technology which provides an opportunity to 'Try it on' New virtual make-up try-on technology. (Avon Worldwide Nov 22)

Avon says

We have integrated some really clever AI and AR-powered virtual make-up try-on technology to help our customers find their perfect match

This type of virtual try-on experience isn’t widely available in the mass beauty market yet so we’re proud that we are launching this immersive online shopping experience around the world, starting with the UK, South Africa, The Philippines, Italy, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic and Turkey.

Our customers can instantly try on and experiment with products via their mobile camera or webcam on their desktop, seeing products come to life with hyper-realistic results. Our Reps are also able to offer their customers an enhanced high-touch shopping experience by using this new technology through their digital brochures.


The latest breakthrough by Avon is 'Protinol'. According to Anthony Gonzalez, Head of Care at the Avon Innovation Centre

Meet Protinol™. Patented Protinol™ is so powerful it has the potential to revolutionise the whole industry. I can truly say it’s the most exciting discovery of my career, and scientists don’t say things like that lightly!

A bottle of Protinol skin serum
Protinol Serum

But why is it so thrilling? No other topical ingredient boosts the two main types of collagens that are critical to the look and feel of healthy, strong skin. Protinol™ stimulates an increase in both Collagen I, the most common collagen in skin and collagen III, or ‘baby’ collagen as it’s affectionately termed.

This game-changing exclusive skincare ingredient stimulates the production of better-quality collagen, for benefits at a magnitude and speed we’ve never seen before, while also being kind to your skin.

COVID-19 v Become An Avon Representative in the UK

During the pandemic, the beauty brand had seen a 200% uptake in digital dealings and over a doubling in the number of Avon representatives in the UK In 2020, as social selling becomes more relevant to people looking to embrace a more remote and flexible way of working. (Avon Worldwide)

The company, which boasts 5 million “reps” globally, said it had seen a 114% “surge” in the number of new representatives joining its UK business since the lockdown began.

Poster highlighting Avon Fragrance
Highlighting Avon Fragrance position

Avon sells three lipsticks every second, seven bottles of fragrance every second (which it claims is more than any other brand), and two bottles of its Anew skincare products every second. (Data. Avon Worldwide Sep. 2020).

The cost-of-living crisis leads 80% of women to seek side hustle opportunities

The side hustle era (Sep 2022 Avon Worldwide survey)

4 in 5 women (80%) worldwide have or are considering taking up a side hustle to help with the cost-of-living increase. While over half of these women (54%) are doing so to help pay their bills, one in three women (36%) wants to be able to afford the little luxuries they used to have, such as takeaway meals, coffee and new clothes. A fifth of women (21%) want to continue being able to buy their favourite beauty products.

At Avon, they believe they can help – and, for their new generation of Representatives, they have made several enhancements to their relationship-selling model to provide further flexible opportunities to grow financially.

This includes digitising the business model, with an improved mobile user experience which allows Representatives to easily connect with their customers and sell online through the Avon On app. Avon has also created an industry-leading, personalised compensation model, Avon Rewards, that starts from the very first sale.

Avon’s network of reps will also be central to spreading the message, influencers in their own right, the brand’s sellers are its “first media channel”.

Today, the Avon rep is equipped with much better digital tools, the Avon "On" app which allows them to do everything from placing customers' orders to readymade posts for Facebook or Instagram from their phone. Also, education on how to make their own content.

Currently, reps are being given more tools. Avon Social app that creates and schedules social media content. And Avon Grow app that helps a rep begin to grow their own team.

All that said, the brand isn’t planning to ‘do an Argos’ any time soon and ditch the iconic physical brochure. It’s still a really important part of the business. It’ll be updated to go with the new ‘Nails &Hairdo.’

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